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We make exercises fun and personalized for your kids!


Jump In! is...

JumpIn is a personalized fitness game, using your heart rate it adjusts to your level of fitness so you can get in best shape that you can be.

Why Jump In?

31% of children in Canada are obese and it is a rising and very serious issue. Children and youth aged 6 to 17 spend an average of 9 hours, or 64% of their waking hours, being sedentary (sitting) each day. Of those 64%, 91% are engaging in video games.
Our game is interactive, and personalized. It tracks your heart rate and changes the pace of the game accordingly

Pulse Sensing

In order to sense the individual’s heart rate, a code was installed using the Arduino and Processing, which will capture and follow the users heartbeat in order to assure that the user is healthy. The pulse sensor is a wearable, which will be attached to the users fingers using a strap, which will be displayed visually on screen using Processing so that the parent/guardian can be aware of the users heart rate.

Pulse Monitoring

The pulse monitor is designed to track the users heart rate during any type of movement throughout the game. The pulse monitor was coded to display a visual video of the child’s heart rate on the screen, this will allow for a target heart rate bar to be visible all through the entire adventure. This requires the individual to place their finger in strap, which will primarily deal with tracking their pulse to identify how much physical activity their obtaining as the mini games change.


Jump In’ is a highly personalized game that combines amusement and physical activity to fulfill the child’s needs. Before the game has even begun, a profile is set up for the user, done by the parents or guardians depending on age, which will be based on basic information. This information that will be inputted will circulate around the child’s name, age, height, weight, allowing the game to develop accordingly. In order for the child to understand the game correctly, an animated character will follow along to ensure that the individual is playing the game correctly. This will allow the user to feel important and motivated to play the game, knowing that they have a potential friend who will help them comprehend the rules. The shadow, being the animated character, will perform the tasks ahead of time just to assure that the child will get the proper exercise correctly.


We are using Kinect to track the movement and the character in the game moves according to the speed the player is moving.


“Jump In’ was constructed to be an interactive, fun, and immersive video game which would keep the children entertained, providing them with their daily exercise. The game is aimed to allow the user to get up on their feet and participate in a way that is active and physically challenging as well.

Personalization + Engaging

The Game


Game Scene

Pulse Sensor

Physical Setup

The Team


Joelle Dell'Erede

My name is Joelle and I am studying New Media at Ryerson. I am interested in design, advertising and marketing. On my spare time you can find me hanging out with friends/ family or at the pool teaching lessons!


Danning Lu

Danni is passionate about technology and storytelling. She now is seeking for innovative and interactive way of telling stories using new technologies in digital media as of Master of Digital Media candidate .


Caylee Kalisky

My name is Caylee and I am studying new media at ryerson. I am interested in graphic design, video editing and advertising. I love hanging out with my friends, and traveling the world


Vitaliy Krasylovets

My name is Vitaliy and I am Computer Science student. My intrests are in Web Developent, Game Development and MObile development. While I'm not busy progressing my career I like to get my sweat on at the gym.


George Popovic

My name is George Popovic and I'm currently a second year student studying New Media at Ryerson University. I've always been interested in the growth of technologies and how the possibilities have expanded for it's expression. I'm currently interning at Z103.5 as a promotion coordinator, and I love every minute of it.