Creative Coder - Interaction Designer - Illustrator - Storyteller



I finished my undergraduate studies in York University majored in Digital Media. And I graduated from the Master of Digital Media program at Ryerson University. During the past years, I developed my skills in both the field of computer science and arts.

My work combines art, technology and a focus on human-centered interaction design. I'm also very interested in interactive storytelling combining with unconventional but more natural way of human-computer interaction.



Most of my coding is done for interactive storytelling. I use C, C++, C# (Unity3D), Arduino, Processing, MaxMSP and OpenFrameWorks. I can also use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java.


Other than using code to visualize data, I also do illustrations, 3D modeling, editing (film, video) and photography. I do storyboarding for my projects as well.

Interaction Design

My interaction design involves user interaction flow for mobile applications, user interaction for virtual reality applications and interactive performances.


I can use arduino to do quick hardware prototyping. I’m familiar with the sensors and human-computer interaction that uses arduino. I’ve used arduino to communicate with processing and unity3D.